Amina Zuberi



Known for

Chairlady of the Tangana Women Development Group


Hijri 1376-Present (AH); Common Era 1957-Present (CE)

Amina Zuberi


Amina Zuberi is the Chairlady for Tangana Women Development Group – Mombasa, a CBO registered under the Ministry of Gender & Social Services in 2000. Ms. Zuberi is an advocate for the fight against HIV and AIDS, drug abuse, human rights violations, and promoting girl child education. She has also represented women in constitutional review. With the help of IFH (U.K.), she produced an educational video on Muslim women, HIV, AIDS, AND reproductive health. She has been voluntarily educating primary school students on the dangers of sexual abuse, early pregnancies, drug abuse, and HIV/AIDS. Ms. Zuberi has been educating the Muslim women & youth on issues affecting them socially, politically, and economically through local radio programs and numerous television panels. However, her main focus remains on workshops and seminars. Ms. Zuberi sits on the Board of Muslims for Human Rights in Mombasa and Centre for Minority Rights in Nairobi. She is also a volunteer for FIDA, monitoring rights violations against Women & Children. Ms. Zuberi received a Head of State Commendation Award in 2006 for actively participating in Women’s activities.