Aisha Rafea



Known for

Co-Leader of The Egyptian Society for Spiritual and Cultural Research (ESSCR), and Author


Hijri 1371-Present (AH); Common Era 1952-Present (CE)

Aisha Rafea


Aisha Rafea is co-leader of the women’s group at The Egyptian Society for Spiritual and Cultural Research (ESSCR). Ms. Rafea is the daughter of the prominent Egyptian spiritual teacher, Master Rafea Muhammad Rafea. She is a devoted writer, researcher and teacher of spirituality. She has a vision that without spiritual awareness, people turn the most precious divine guidance into dogma and stagnant tradition. Along with her team, Ms. Rafea has designed The True 'Me': Focused, Free and Fulfilled, an international program for the development of human character for children which includes both Islamic and interfaith literature. She is also a designer and trainer of a self-help program for adults. The program combines spiritual training techniques and cognitive behavioral therapy tools to help trainees gain consciousness of and connection to their inner divinity, where wholeness resides, in order for people to live their lives with awareness and meaningfulness. With her brother Ali and sister Aliaa, Ms. Rafea has coauthored the book Beyond Diversities: Reflections on Revelation, and Islam From Adam to Muhammad and Beyond (also published under the name: The Book Of Essential Islam by The Book Foundation). She has written four books and diverse articles in Arabic and has participated in several international interfaith conferences in the US and Europe. Her articles and research papers have been published in international periodicals and books.